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Where are we after 10 years of change?

Deloitte has been a supporter of Teach First since 2005, playing a hugely influential role in our work to give more young people access to higher education and careers. We were delighted to recently recognise Deloitte as one of the charities first Transformation Partners – a select dedicated group of businesses that have worked with us for over ten years and individually donated over £1,000,000 to our work. This group’s unique and invaluable support has had a huge impact on our ability to reach over a million pupils from low-income communities across England and Wales.

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The worlds' best "buddy"

Winning team

20 March 2017. The Grand Final of the TMT Predictions Schools Challenge 2017; an initiative created to ‘plug the skills gap’ for clients who report challenges in engaging young people with the skills and interest to pursue careers in the Technology, Media or Telecommunications (TMT) sectors. Milton Keynes Academy had been given the topic of Biometrics and were tasked with presenting a relevant, innovative use for the technology. Myself, along with two colleagues, Deane Copson and Michael Garz, were first time coaches for the school, who had now reached the finals for the third year in succession. The competition was tough, but we were confident that our and MK Academy’s revolutionary concept, “BioBuddi”, would catch the attention of the judges.

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Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions Schools Challenge 2016: An exciting vision for the future!

There is a rich and fascinating history that stems from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM); one that has been pioneered by some of the greatest and most creative minds, including Stephen Hawkins, Tim Berners-Lee and Ada Lovelace.

But despite the feats accomplished in these fields, we know that too few young people are pursuing an active interest in these subjects, with massive implications on their attainment and the opportunities available to them in the future. This is especially true amongst pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, with fifty eight per cent of those eligible for free school meals in 2011 failing to achieve a maths GCSE grade at A*-C (Skills Commission, 2011).

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Social Mobility Week: It's not where you're from, it's where you're going

Where we come from is an important part of our identities, however it should not define or limit our aspirations. I was reminded of this while at Moseley School in Birmingham last week, where 40% of the 1,400 students are eligible for free school meals. The importance of social mobility at the school cannot be under-estimated in light of the uncomfortable fact that across the UK, children receiving free school meals achieve 1.7 grades lower at GCSE (source: Child Poverty Action Group). Social mobility is a complex issue, but last week we demonstrated our commitment to playing our part in addressing it through Social Mobility Week and some other commitments.

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TMT Predictions School Challenge

Teach First At Teach First, we are delighted to see the return of Deloitte’s annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions Schools Challenge this year reaching sixth form students from across Deloitte Access partner schools as well as a wider network of schools. The event directly supports our vision to give every child access to a brilliant education and our commitment to tackling the shortage of specialist Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) teachers in the UK.

In recent years, this shortage has meant that schools in low-income communities have been hit especially hard. Less than a third of students eligible for free school meals achieve a science GCSE at grade A*-C, compared with 70% of their wealthier peers.

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Drawing from a wider pool

Drawing from a wider pool
Growing up in Belfast during the 1970s and 1980s, I was the first person in my family to pass the 11+, to go to grammar school and then onto university. I am now a Partner at Deloitte, one of the biggest management consultancies in the UK.  I work hard and enjoy what I do and never really thought that my story was in any way unusual. Having three children of my own now and seeing how hard they have to work and the competition that exists for jobs, I imagine that my story would be less common today.

We know from research that socio-economics is a major determinant of educational outcomes.  Another impact of this is that many young people find themselves in challenging schools without the support they need to make the best choices or compete for the best jobs.  And this is often exacerbated by employers who want to recruit in the most cost-effective way possible – which often means going to just a select few universities where they can take their pick from a very talented and high performing student population. But increasingly this is not a diverse one.

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Successfully bridging the gap between aspiration and reality

Tong High SchoolOur vision at Tong High School is to be the heartbeat of a powerful network in which everyone involved thrives on the challenge to improve and get better every day. Quality, organic, influential networks and partnerships can be the route to the success of schools and students.

At Tong we have been building our powerful network for the past few years. Our local, national and international partnerships are mutually beneficial and positively influence the achievement of all students, staff and our wider community.

There have been many benefits for children and young people arisen through our networks, but the poignant moment for me is when a child realises their aspirations and has the confidence to know that it can become a reality.

As a school we play a vital role in building and creating a powerful network.  Not all children and young people are fortunate enough to come from families who have personal networks which allow doors to open. 

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Giving every young person a chance

Young person studying Recent positive news about the UK economy has been incredibly welcome. Britain is back growing and working. And the positive news on our education system, announced in last month’s school leagues tables, proves that Britain is learning too. More schools are meeting government targets and our country’s talented and dedicated teachers are creating a brighter future for many young people. But we are failing the next generation until all young people have the opportunity to secure a successful future for themselves and our country. The business community can change all this.

Last month after 35 years in industry I was delighted to become Chair of the charity Teach First. And I’ve joined at an exciting time, with the fortunes of six Teach First teachers being the subject of the acclaimed BBC Three documentary Tough Young Teachers.

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Ten years of partnering with Teach First

Teach First Not long after Brett Wigdortz established Teach First, Deloitte engaged in doing what we do best.  We used our skills and capabilities to support the organisation’s growth and established a relationship that is now over 10 years old and which in my view sets the standard for the many charity partners we have established since. 

In the early days we provided accountancy support to help get the charity up and running and one of our audit partners, Sarah Shillingford, remains a Trustee today.  Our initial relationship was through graduate recruitment and we worked with Teach First to interview potential graduates who would teach for two years and then join Deloitte’s graduate programme.  Over time the relationship has grown and evolved. 

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Investing in skills and talents

Investing in skills and talentsInvesting in skills and talents remains a key priority for Deloitte. This doesn’t just benefit us and our clients and employees, it also benefits the wider UK economy.

All companies, large and small, across the breadth of the economy need to invest in the skills and talents of their staff. This is not just a matter of keeping up appearances and being able to boast about having the most qualified workforce in the land, but good societal sense. From the perspective of a company, investing to create a highly skilled workforce means having a workforce that is more productive, motivated and can improve the quality of the service or product in question. From the perspective of employees, increased skills can improve their earning potential and expand their career horizons.

Added to that, employees moving between organisations will bring new perspectives to old problems, share their skills and experiences with others to spread good practices and help develop the nation’s overall skills base.

As part of our own Deloitte Impact Report we undertook some analysis to understand our own talent impact.

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