From Babies with Love imageBecoming a parent heighted my concern for the welfare of children universally. 

Of course the instinct to protect my children comes first, but the thought of any child, anywhere, living in a rubbish dump, sickens me. I believe everyone feels this way, parents especially. I was out shopping for my son’s baby clothes and thought to myself: if I could buy beautiful baby clothes and know the profit helps children in need, why would I buy anywhere else? Because I couldn’t find a way, I set up From Babies with Love.

From Babies with Love is the baby brand that donates 100% of its profit to orphaned and abandoned children.

We donate every penny of profit from our beautiful organic baby clothes to SOS Children, to build and run children’s villages around the world. In these safe, happy places, some of the world’s most vulnerable children can grow up in a loving family. 

Earlier this year we launched our Maternity and Paternity Leave Gift Service with Deloitte as our first large client.

Our service provides a unique way for businesses to engage staff. We know that a maternity or paternity leave gift is a meaningful and supportive gesture during a time of change; it says, ‘this company cares about you’. A From Babies with Love gift enhances this feeling: employees enjoy knowing their baby clothes gift will not only be enjoyed by their own baby, but it is also helping babies in need all around the world.

Our gifts speak to the powerful emotions parents feel for the welfare of children and in doing so reflect positive corporate values. They communicate kindness and well wishing from the employer.  Our social purpose is at the core of our brand - of our story - and the ability to share this story helps engage employees, positively influencing perceptions and reflecting commitment to retention.

We link Corporate Responsibility and Human Resources in a new and relevant way; a simple way to contribute to being a responsible business that delivers against HR engagement and retention goals.

We’re delighted to partner with Deloitte. Within the UK alone our target is to support 2,000 children a year and we’ve already begun supporting children in Burundi, Botswana, Nepal and the Central African Republic. Our ambition is to work with other Deloitte firms internationally, through which we estimate we can help over 12,000 children a year.

Our relationship with Deloitte began through our membership of the Business in the Community arc programme and developed as a Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneer. Now, through our supplier relationship, Deloitte is helping propel our business-to-business strategy forward. We’re winning new clients and therefore helping many more children to have the fair start in life they deserve.

By becoming our client Deloitte has led the way in demonstrating how businesses can act together to deliver HR goals and at the same time support social change that motivates us all.


Cecilia Crossley is the founder of From Babies with Love. To find out more about their corporate gift service and meet the children they use 100% of their profits to support please visit 


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