There’s a quiet revolution taking place in our country - the way in which we think and talk about mental health. In homes, communities and workplaces, more and more people are being open about their experiences, and there is a growing level of awareness amongst employers, civil servants and politicians that this issue affects one in four of us.

At Mind, we have been playing a vital role in working with many organisations. With the support of Business in the Community, many businesses have now signed the Time to Change pledge and hundreds of thousands of people took part in the Time to Talk Day in February. We have ambitions to turn the growing awareness of mental health into action and it is through partnerships with highly effective businesses such as Deloitte that we believe we can make the most of this rare opportunity.

Since 2013 we have been working with Deloitte to make sure people with mental health problems can get help when they need it, at home, in their community and in their workplace. The multi-faceted nature of our partnership reflects the nature of the problem - funds raised by Deloitte staff help us to expand our much needed Information Service and extend support offered to people via our retail network, and equally importantly, we have benefitted hugely from Deloitte’s strategic and business expertise to increase our impact in the long term.

For example, the team at Deloitte Digital were confident that together we could develop a trusted tool to underpin strategic planning and they delivered on time, exceeding expectation. The Mind Mapping tool is visual, interactive and engaging and is supporting us to use data more effectively to think creatively about how we expand our reach and our impact. In only 8 weeks our collective team pulled together data from across Minds supporters and services, mapping it against public data on mental health needs, creating a set of tools which are influencing key strategic decisions across our retail property portfolio, campaigning and Local Mind networks.

For Ryan Campbell, our Chair, Deloitte offered an “extremely advanced analysis of Mind’s delivery of services against mental health needs, as well as expertly designed and beautifully facilitated exercises.” This greater understanding of our market at a local and national level, truly helped us towards decisions we need to make to build an ambitious and visionary strategy, which can take recent successes and transform the experiences of people with mental health problems. 

I’m struck by the Deloitte teams’ drive to build a legacy for each project they are engaged with, whether that’s kick starting an organisation wide interest in data or conducting market and competitor research, it’s a partnership that will resonate across Mind for the foreseeable future.

Deloitte’s long term commitment and substantial pro bono budget has enabled us to time projects, utilising their skills and expertise with maximum impact.   In my view this is where our partnership is quite unique and it’s a major step forward in the way in which charities and businesses can work together. 

If we are truly to make sure that everyone with a mental health problem gets both support and respect, then our partnerships with Deloitte and other Business in the Community members will play a vital role in achieving our vision.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive, Mind


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