Investment in Real Estate

Unlocking value through transport investment


Yet again transport investment and real estate value forms a key discussion topic at this year’s MIPIM with representation from all of the major transport investment projects. The projects aren’t new, so what has changed since last year?

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Housing White Paper – Fixing our broken housing market

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I have been reflecting on whether the Government’s latest housing proposals will achieve Sajid Javid’s ambitions for “radical, lasting reform” and create a “new, positive, mindset to house building”.

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A step towards a clearer, fairer and faster compulsory purchase process?


The Housing White Paper ‘Fixing our broken housing market’, published on 7 February 2017, identifies that compulsory purchase law gives local authorities extensive powers to assemble land for development and that recent and proposed legislation (the Housing & Planning Act 2016 and Neighbourly Planning Bill) is reforming CPO process to make it clearer, fairer and faster. As a result, planning authorities are encouraged to use these powers, particularly in areas of high housing need.

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Public sector productivity: joining the dots between real estate, talent and technology


As we enter the second half of this decade of austerity, the UK’s public sector leaders have an opportunity to decide how to innovatively deliver the savings demanded of them whilst also ensuring their services remain relevant in the digital age.

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The Joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 – how will it impact Planning?


With housing firmly established as a political chess piece, its prominence in yesterday’s joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement comes as no surprise. The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a £6.9bn housebuilding programme comprising:

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Examining the great Asian wall of capital


Since 2010, we have witnessed a growth of capital from Asia into European real estate. A total of €50bn has been invested over the last five years. In the recently published Deloitte EMEA magazine, REflexions, we examined this trend and identified 7 key, but not exclusive, reasons why we think movements of capital from Asia into European real estate will increase over the medium term and here they are:

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Property performance extends its lead

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The latest edition of our UK Property Handbook has just been sent out, containing the usual wealth of easy-to-digest detail on the domestic market. Here’s a quick look at a few of the top-level themes…

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First-class honours for investors in student housing


As the university term kicks off, we thought it would be interesting to consider how student housing rents have changed over the last 3 years.

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Paying up, smartish


Deloitte’s latest mobile consumer survey shows that we are increasingly using our smartphones to pay for things – so what impact does that have on the store?

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Sales of non-core loans take off

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The vast majority of non-performing debt currently in the market is backed by real estate assets.

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