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The Farmer Review – a skills shortage crisis?


What is the Farmer Review?
At the end of 2015 the Government asked the Construction Leadership Council to identify actions to reduce the industry’s vulnerability to skills shortages. The review was carried out by Mark Farmer of Cast Consultancy, which resulted in the publication of the Farmer Review in October 2016. The report focuses in particular on housing although it suggests that the skills shortage can be found throughout the entire construction industry. Farmer believes the industry does not make enough money, which leads to underinvestment in training, development and innovation.

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Breaking up is hard to do: maintaining business integration when your organisation is geographically dispersed


20th century organisations often succeeded by operating from a single location. Take the newspaper industry as an example. For journalists, Fleet Street in London was the centre of the universe. They would mingle and eavesdrop, returning to their offices with fresh gossip. Not only were their headquarters based on the street, but their printing facilities were located within a stone’s throw of their type writer. The Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph, and other household newspapers, operated almost entirely from a single street.

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Real Estate Innovation: Where are we heading?


At first glance, real estate is hardly a tech-fuelled industry: building design evolves at a glacial pace, construction relies on traditional methods, and the transaction process has barely changed for centuries. However, take another look: in a few short years, a mix of individuals, start-ups and established businesses have harnessed new technologies to address inefficiencies and generate new ideas.

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The Properties of Shakespeare


Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date

Shakespeare seems to have been as familiar with the language of leases as he was with the language of love (and no one before or since has combined this knowledge to such poetic effect).

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Are you getting Fair Value?


Commissioning and preparing an asset valuation for financial reporting should involve a three way dialogue between the client, valuer & auditor.

Richard Spence, a Director within Deloitte LLP’s Real Estate’s Valuation, Assurance and Professional Advisory Team discusses the plethora of valuation regulations, accounting standards, codes, manuals, and guidelines and the key issues which often arise when an organisation is commissioning or relying on asset valuations for financial reporting purposes.

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Brexit and the potential impact on construction costs


Deloitte’s latest CFO survey shows that business confidence has fallen to banking crisis levels in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, but the impact on property markets has not been as drastic. Our current prediction is one in which property and construction activity slow, but not to the extent of the crash witnessed during the global financial crisis. Whilst we are aware of only a handful of major projects being stopped or stalled post-Brexit, it would appear to us that the economic indicators and actions taken by some firms to date show that it is inevitable that the decision to proceed or not on many projects will now be affected by reduced appetitive for capex and heightened risk affecting investors, occupiers and developers. An article in the Financial Times recently suggested a third of commercial deals could be in doubt, which is significant and supports our view.

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The shifting global picture

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International investors are increasingly willing to search further afield for returns from real estate, as the latest data suggests the global market is in flux.

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Examining the great Asian wall of capital


Since 2010, we have witnessed a growth of capital from Asia into European real estate. A total of €50bn has been invested over the last five years. In the recently published Deloitte EMEA magazine, REflexions, we examined this trend and identified 7 key, but not exclusive, reasons why we think movements of capital from Asia into European real estate will increase over the medium term and here they are:

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Automation for the people: the rise of robotics in the workplace

I recently sat down to read Richard Horton’s (Deloitte, Head of Finance Research) latest piece of research, entitled ‘The robots are coming’. I was immediately disappointed to learn that robots are not the walking, talking auto-bots we know and love from 1980s sci-fi films, but rather invisible bits of software. Having recovered from that news, I soon realised that Richard’s report on the growing automation of boring back-office chores actually has some pretty significant implications for the way firms might use office space.

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A look back at the sale of 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3 (‘The Gherkin’)

The intense marketing and sale of 30 St Mary Axe, EC3 , commonly known as ’The Gherkin’ is now firmly fixed in last year. Whilst we look forward into 2015 and fully engage ourselves in new instructions, it is worth taking stock of a journey that resulted in the sale of one of London’s most iconic building for a record price.

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