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The Farmer Review – a skills shortage crisis?


What is the Farmer Review?
At the end of 2015 the Government asked the Construction Leadership Council to identify actions to reduce the industry’s vulnerability to skills shortages. The review was carried out by Mark Farmer of Cast Consultancy, which resulted in the publication of the Farmer Review in October 2016. The report focuses in particular on housing although it suggests that the skills shortage can be found throughout the entire construction industry. Farmer believes the industry does not make enough money, which leads to underinvestment in training, development and innovation.

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Planning Insights

Understanding the Manchester Residential Design Quality Guide


Deloitte Real Estate’s Manchester Planning team has played an integral part in the preparation of the draft Manchester Residential Design Quality Guide and will continue to advise Manchester City Council as the document is developed up to its publication in early 2017.

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Planning Insights

Broadening the Composition of London’s housing supply


I attended the excellent London Planning & Politics conference recently and joined a panel debating the key policy interventions to tackle London's housing crisis. My theme was the need to broaden the composition of housing supply in order to achieve the 50,000 per annum new homes that London needs.

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Brexit and the potential impact on construction costs


Deloitte’s latest CFO survey shows that business confidence has fallen to banking crisis levels in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, but the impact on property markets has not been as drastic. Our current prediction is one in which property and construction activity slow, but not to the extent of the crash witnessed during the global financial crisis. Whilst we are aware of only a handful of major projects being stopped or stalled post-Brexit, it would appear to us that the economic indicators and actions taken by some firms to date show that it is inevitable that the decision to proceed or not on many projects will now be affected by reduced appetitive for capex and heightened risk affecting investors, occupiers and developers. An article in the Financial Times recently suggested a third of commercial deals could be in doubt, which is significant and supports our view.

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Property performance extends its lead

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The latest edition of our UK Property Handbook has just been sent out, containing the usual wealth of easy-to-digest detail on the domestic market. Here’s a quick look at a few of the top-level themes…

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Leeds Crane Survey – A Return to Growth

The annual Leeds Crane Survey Report has been published and shows a significant increase in new construction starts when compared to recent years. In total 13 schemes are currently under construction and a further 9 schemes have been completed in the past year.

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Diary of a Deloitte Real Estate Graduate in Construction Advisory


I applied to Deloitte Real Estate because of the reputation it had within industry both for the quality of service and employee opportunities. On starting in September 2013, I immediately became aware of the scale of the company, meeting other graduates from Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance. Deloitte offers a very unique opportunity compared to other companies that I had applied for.

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Locational Risk Assessments – what are clients looking to monitor and measure?

Last month Deloitte hosted a round table event to discuss how organisations could collectively respond the common consequences of events that impact whole areas and by association industry sectors clustered together. One area discussed was ‘locational risk assessments’ and what clients are looking to monitor and measure. Mark Naysmith is a resilience expert in our Enterprise Risk Services group and jointly hosted the round table event. Mark recently shared his experiences advising clients on this subject and I have summarised these in this blog.

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Data Centres – time to re-evaluate flood risk?

DKK25WDoes your organisation know where its data is housed? Third party data centre facilities have been around for 15 years and the trend towards increased outsourcing is set to continue as vendors offer more attractive contracts to customers. IT requirements are now more complex than ever with single outsource solutions a thing of the past. Data storage and applications are deployed across a blend of in-house data centres, outsourced facilities and the cloud (which is still a data centre somewhere). Do organisations regularly assess the locational risk of where their data is housed and how it is protected? Location risks are dynamic and evolve over time. This also includes adjacent business activities that could present new risks to established data centres.

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