Region’s listed companies add £2.3bn to market cap values


Listed companies in the North West have added £2.3bn to their total market capitalisations in the first quarter of the year according to our latest North West Share Index, which shows that in the first three months of 2017 the value of the region’s listed companies increased from £39.2bn to £41.6bn, a rise of 6%.

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Disrupting the disruption – the effect of digital disruption on real estate, infrastructure and the construction industry

Dre tech
Digital disruption is something that working in property and construction we hear a lot about. According to some, robots are coming to take our jobs and soon we won’t need to learn to drive either. Without sounding sceptical, this is currently quite a far cry from the industry we work in. Property, infrastructure and construction in general is still a rather traditional industry when it comes to how we work, albeit some technology advancements.

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MIPIM 2017: Liverpool's Renaissance

It is this continued renaissance that fills the Liverpool delegation with confidence as we return to MIPIM, the international property festival in Cannes, with our largest delegation, a real energy in the public-private sector collaboration, and involvement from the wider City Region in the form of Wirral MBC and the Liverpool LEP. Collaboration and confidence, a great partnership. 

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MIPIM 2017: Manchester- regeneration and Sir Howard Bernstein's legacy

Manchester bee
Undoubtedly, Manchester is seen by many as the leading contender for UK’s second city, something that can be attributed to the strong leadership that has continued to drive forward regeneration relentlessly over a distinctive 20+ year period.During this period, city centre living has certifiably returned to Manchester and this has been underpinned by strategic investment and positioning of land, diversification of employment markets, harnessing Manchester’s strength in key sectors, creating partnerships to drive delivery and perseverance through difficult times. Sir Howard Bernstein had a key role to play in all of the above and those responsible for continuing his legacy must ensure the city continues to deliver on its key priorities.

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North West investment overseas rises 60 per cent

The value of international market transactions rose by 60 per cent in 2016. The statistics, in partnership with Experian Corpfin, show that despite the marked increase in spend, the number of transactions dipped 30 per cent from 44 to 31 over the year, giving an average deal size of £20m, more than double the £9m seen in 2015.

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Deloitte Regional Crane Surveys 2017- a Northern resurgence?

Crane np
Construction is a high cost, high risk, long-term activity and is routinely looked to as a marker for the economic health of a city or region. Our Real Estate Regional Crane Surveys highlight this link between development and prosperity, examining the external influences and key market drivers of city centre construction.

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Deloitte TMT Predictions 2017- 5G, biometrics and cyberattacks

This week saw the UK launch of Deloitte’s technology, media and telecommunications predictions hosted in Manchester. In its 16th year the annual report reveals the perspectives gained from hundreds of conversations with industry leaders and tens of thousands of consumer interviews across the globe.

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Deloitte joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Deloitte joins other leading businesses in signing up to the new government scheme, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. By signing up we have committed to join forces with government to help the North achieve its full potential - and attract new jobs and investment into the region. 

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Northern firms ripe for private equity investment

Over 1,000 companies in the north of England are ripe for private equity investment, according to a new study.

Commissioned by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), Deloitte and NorthEdge Capital, the study examines the role private equity can play in unlocking the potential of the north, which lags behind London and the South East in economic growth and productivity.

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Will vulnerable town centres survive as the larger stores decide to call it a day?

The news that the staple of the High Street, Marks & Spencer are potentially going to close some of their worst performing high street stores may have sent a shiver through the market on Friday – but is it as bad as we might think? Possibly not. Whilst no one would doubt the importance to the health and vitality of a town centre than someone like M&S or indeed BHS, perhaps it is time to recognise that there is life after a shop closure.

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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework- it took a while - but we think it was worth the wait


The newly published Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is already making headlines, principally because it suggests making the first substantial changes to the green belt that we have seen in a generation.

However whilst we are sure there will be a lively debate about green belts and new housing allocations, from our perspective there are other matters bound within the plan that are perhaps even more worthy of note.

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