Deloitte Regional Crane Surveys 2017- a Northern resurgence?

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Construction is a high cost, high risk, long-term activity and is routinely looked to as a marker for the economic health of a city or region. Our Real Estate Regional Crane Surveys highlight this link between development and prosperity, examining the external influences and key market drivers of city centre construction.

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Deloitte TMT Predictions 2017- 5G, biometrics and cyberattacks

This week saw the UK launch of Deloitte’s technology, media and telecommunications predictions hosted in Manchester. In its 16th year the annual report reveals the perspectives gained from hundreds of conversations with industry leaders and tens of thousands of consumer interviews across the globe.

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Deloitte joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Deloitte joins other leading businesses in signing up to the new government scheme, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. By signing up we have committed to join forces with government to help the North achieve its full potential - and attract new jobs and investment into the region. 

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Northern firms ripe for private equity investment

Over 1,000 companies in the north of England are ripe for private equity investment, according to a new study.

Commissioned by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), Deloitte and NorthEdge Capital, the study examines the role private equity can play in unlocking the potential of the north, which lags behind London and the South East in economic growth and productivity.

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Will vulnerable town centres survive as the larger stores decide to call it a day?

The news that the staple of the High Street, Marks & Spencer are potentially going to close some of their worst performing high street stores may have sent a shiver through the market on Friday – but is it as bad as we might think? Possibly not. Whilst no one would doubt the importance to the health and vitality of a town centre than someone like M&S or indeed BHS, perhaps it is time to recognise that there is life after a shop closure.

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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework- it took a while - but we think it was worth the wait


The newly published Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is already making headlines, principally because it suggests making the first substantial changes to the green belt that we have seen in a generation.

However whilst we are sure there will be a lively debate about green belts and new housing allocations, from our perspective there are other matters bound within the plan that are perhaps even more worthy of note.

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Northern Powerhouse: Tangible entity or a banner to march behind?

The Northern Powerhouse is real and is a genuine attempt to develop a programme capable of achieving sustained growth across the North to address the productivity gap and contribute more to UK PLC.

But we need to be honest about that fact that the history of pan-northern collaboration is patchy at best and there is no guarantee of success with the Northern Powerhouse, even backed by Government support. It needs to align the political objectives of the different parts of the North, while securing the buy-in of business, HE sectors and others, in order to sustain it over the long term, sufficient to make the step changes needed.

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Northern Powerhouse: Why big businesses should be supporting start-ups in order to strengthen their prospects

SLP blog
The Northern Powerhouse is a fantastic opportunity for the growth of businesses throughout the north.

The government’s appointment of a new Northern Powerhouse minister, Andrew Percy, is a step towards making this idea a reality. But to ensure its long-term success, there needs to be supportive interaction between big businesses and innovative start-ups. This collaboration will form the final part of an equation that will enable businesses to evolve from an idea into a global success.

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Manchester: 'rich history of technology innovation'

Manchester has a rich history of technology innovation and as a city it would be somewhat understandable if it rested on its laurels.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Manchester is home to some of the most exciting and scalable businesses in the country, many operating globally. We have the infrastructure to support them and a deep pool of talent. The likes of FTSE 250 cyber security expert NCC Group and AIM-listed are testament to this.

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Brexit uncertainty costs North West listed companies £1.4bn

The stock market turbulence following the EU referendum has impacted on North West listed companies, with the total market capitalisation falling by £1.4bn.

The latest Deloitte North West Share Index reveals that total market capitalisations fell from £36.2bn to £34.8bn during the second quarter of the year.

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New minister for Northern Powerhouse appointed

Number 10
Conservative MP Andrew Percy has been appointed as the new Northern Powerhouse minister by Prime Minister Theresa May. 

This new appointment signals the continued commitment to deliver the Northern Powerhouse initiative, with one government spokesman saying it 'will continue to be a priority'. 

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