Pharma and emerging markets: Unlocking the potential of emerging economies


Just a few years ago, slowing growth in the US and European pharmaceutical markets led many multinational pharmaceutical companies to seek new forms of growth in emerging markets. The primary growth drivers in emerging markets included increased government commitment to improving healthcare access, growing consumer income and wealth, and a growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes. However, in just a few short years it seems as though the industry sentiment towards emerging markets has somewhat shifted. This week’s blog, by Matthew Thaxter, an analyst here at the Centre looks some of the reasons why, and explores some of strategies pharma can employ to unlock the potential of emerging markets.

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Smart Hospitals: How technology is redefining future healthcare


This next technological revolution – the technology redefining the healthcare industry of the future - is combining vast amounts of available data, cloud computing services, automation and machine learning, and creating artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions that provide expert insight and analysis on a mass scale, at a relatively low cost. At the same time, connected sensors and medical devices are transforming the way the healthcare industry works. By 2020 the widespread adoption of technology-enabled care will ensure that the concept of the “Smart Hospital” becomes a reality. This week’s blog first appeared as an article that I wrote for Royal Philip linked to their launch of its Future Health Index.1 With their agreement I am repurposing the article as a Centre blog to share with our readers aimed at provoking discussion and debate.

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Breaking the dependency cycle: Tackling health inequalities of vulnerable families



All Western European countries have seen marked improvements in life expectancy over the past few decades, however, these countries also experience varying levels of in-country health inequalities. Indeed excess mortality and reductions in healthy life years are closely correlated to regional deprivation. Conventional explanations for health inequalities, such as lack of access to medical care and unhealthy lifestyles, provide only part of the explanation; the more intransigent causes include access to and opportunities in education, employment, housing, public transport and welfare services.

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Caring with compassion: society’s most valuable resource?

Caring with compassion

Inspired by next week’s national Carers Week, an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the six and a half million people across the UK who provide unpaid care for a family member or friend, this week’s blog highlights the enormous challenges that carers face and recognises the vital contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.  Inspired by next week’s national Carers Week, an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the six and a half million people across the UK who provide unpaid care for a family member or friend, this week’s blog highlights the enormous challenges that carers face and recognises the vital contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.1

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Predicting and preventing hospital readmission rates


This week’s blog is written by our US colleague, Douglas Beaudoin, who is a Principal and leads Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Life Sciences and Health Care practice. This article first appeared in the US Center for Health Solutions blog, A View from the Center.1 The article highlights some of the work being done to lower readmissions and reduce unnecessary costs, which may also be pertinent to our system here in the UK.

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Priorities for R&D leaders: innovation and collaboration

Priorities for R&D leaders.

This week marks the release of our first annual survey of pharmaceutical R&D leaders: Innovating to survive, collaborating to thrive. The report is written against a background of rapid changes in the way the pharmaceutical industry operates; with regulatory, health system and political environments all exerting unprecedented pressures on the returns that pharmaceutical companies are achieving from research and development (R&D). This week’s blog explores some of the key findings from the report.

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Speak Up – Tackling the stigma around mental health in the elderly and those at the end-of-life


Last week marked both Mental Health Awareness Week and Dying Matters Awareness Week. These two separate campaigns run annually and, respectively, promote good mental health and the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement. For our blog this week, our Manager Mark Steedman explores the challenge of addressing mental health in the elderly, including the impact associated with the stigma involved in talking about the problem, linking it to his experiences and interests in mental health and end-of-life care research.

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People not patients: four reasons why human insight is key to improving healthcare


This week I hosted a panel discussion on how we, as individuals approach health and wellbeing in the workplace and in our private lives. While our contribution to the panel was based on our recent report ‘At a tipping point: Workplace mental health and wellbeing’; we were privileged to have one of our colleagues, Caroline Hope, a Partner in our Public Sector practice, as one of our panellists. In this week’s blog Caroline has kindly agreed to share her views on human-centred healthcare design.

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3D Printing: The contribution of 3D printing in improving health outcomes


Our first blog of 2017, titled ‘12 medical technology innovations likely to transform healthcare in 2017’ looked at the technologies that we believe will have the greatest impact on the continued transformation of healthcare. This week’s blog by Amen Sanghera, an analyst here at the Centre, takes a deeper dive into 3D printing technology and its current and future uses across the healthcare and life sciences industry.

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Unravelling the complexity of compliance in the life sciences supply chain


This week we launched our report Unravelling complexity: The challenge of compliance in the life sciences supply chain. This report is a follow-up to our previous report The challenge of compliance in Life Sciences: Moving from cost to value, which we published in November 2015. Our new report focuses on the compliance challenges life sciences companies face in their supply chains and suggests actions that companies can take to maintain safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness across these dynamic, interconnected systems.

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