Laying the Groundwork for Value-Based Healthcare in Europe


This week’s blog is by our colleagues, Elisabeth Aloy and David Pistor, a Director and Senior Manager who specialise in life sciences and healthcare within the firms consulting practice in Switzerland. The article recently appeared in Scrip1  and outlines the five design principles that should be considered in order to create a successful value based care pilot.

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Lessons from India: how innovation is transforming healthcare in India


This week’s blog is written by our research analyst Surbhi Mehta, who is based in the Deloitte India office in Hyderabad and has been working with the UK Centre for Health Solutions team for the past six months. The inspiration for her blog came from a Deloitte report India-UK Technology Collaborations- Smart cities, digital healthcare, advanced manufacturing and women in technology, launched in November 2016 at the India-UK Technology Summit. The focus of this blog is on how digital technology is transforming access to and the quality of healthcare in India.

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The forecast for life sciences in 2017: Collaboration, value-based care, and new operating models

2017 life scienes outlook cover image

Last week’s blog featured the Centre’s take on Deloitte’s recently published 2017 Global healthcare outlook; this week we are delighted to share with you a recent article by Greg Reh, Deloitte's global life sciences leader, on Deloitte’s 2017 Global life science outlook: Thriving in today’s uncertain market. This highlights the key challenges, trends and opportunities facing the global life science industry in 2017 and beyond and what is currently being done or could be done to respond to these challenges.

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2017 Global healthcare outlook: Making progress against persistent challenges

Health blog

In January, Deloitte published its 2017 Global healthcare sector outlook, which confirms that the challenges of providing and funding health care around the globe have remained fairly persistent over the past few years, and they are unlikely to change in 2017. These, all too familiar challenges, comprise: rising demand and associated costs, growing prevalence of chronic diseases and comorbidities, development of costly clinical innovations; and increasing patient expectations and continued economic turbulence. While these challenges may appear somewhat intractable, green shoots of recovery are now being seen in some areas. This week’s blog highlights the key findings from the global healthcare sector report that we believe will resonate with our readers.

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Defining a drug’s value: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?


This week’s blog is written by our US colleague, Sonal Shah, a Senior Manager in our Deloitte US Center for Health Solutions and first appeared in A view from the Center, Deloitte's Life Sciences & Health Care Blog.1 Sonal worked closely with us on our recent report Balancing the R&D equation: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2016, conducting interviews with pharmaceutical companies based in the US and deriving key insights for the report chapters on ‘Increasing pipeline value’ and ‘Reducing costs to launch’. Her blog considers the differences in interpretation that the main stakeholders might assign to the concept of value and how understanding and delivering against these different definitions of value, while challenging, will be necessary if drug innovation is to be sustained.

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Innovative approaches to improving global access to palliative and end-of-life care


I am delighted to use this week’s blog to introduce the Centre’s new Manager, Mark Steedman. After studying bioengineering and completing a PhD in the San Francisco Bay Area and a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship in London, Mark has spent the past four years analysing global health policy. His recent work has involved research into topics such as palliative and end-of-life care, maternal and newborn health, design in healthcare and electronic health records. His blog this week focusses on his background researching innovative approaches to improving access to palliative and end-of-life care, a topic we explored recently in our report Vital Signs: how to deliver better healthcare across Europe, in 2014 in our report Transforming care at the end-of-life and in 2013 in the report Dying Healed: transforming end-of-life care through innovation, which Mark and I co-authored for the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Health.

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Helping to achieve truly person centred care


Our recent report Vital Signs: how to deliver better healthcare across Europe highlighted, as one of our vital signs, patient engagement and empowerment. This week’s blog, by one of our colleagues in our Irish member firm, Gary Comiskey, caused me to reflect on the report and to wonder if we had omitted a key element of patient engagement, specifically the need to recognise that patients are first and foremost people with individual needs and goals, and that staff need to engage more with the person being treated. Don’t take my word for this, but read Gary’s blog below and decide for yourselves.

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How can healthcare be better delivered in a humanitarian emergency response?


This week’s blog is from Rachel Alsop, one of our colleagues in our strategy consulting team who spends some of her own time volunteering with the humanitarian mapping charity, MapAction. The importance of this work is evident from the blog and so I’m leaving Rachel to explain, in her own words.

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12 medical technology innovations likely to transform healthcare in 2017


2016 saw an increase in the adoption of medical technology innovations aimed at tackling some of the most intractable healthcare challenges. Our first blog of 2017 shares the Centre’s view of the top 12 innovations (in alphabetical order) that we believe will have the greatest impact on the continued transformation of healthcare.

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A solution to improving the diversity of NHS Boards?


One of my most fulfilling roles over the past six years has been as a Non-Executive Director (NED) in an NHS Acute Trust, a role I took on after leaving the National Audit Office where I had been the Director of Health Value for Money Audit for 13 years. On assuming my current role as the Director of the Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte agreed that I could continue with my NED role which has helped me consider issues from both a ‘real world’ and a research basis. My own experience has also enabled me to appreciate the benefits that people with different skills and experience bring to board governance. The NHS has long recognised that its senior teams are under-representative of the communities they serve and the staff they lead and has launched numerous initiatives to improve the diversity of boards but, to date, these have had limited success. As part of my research role, I was given the opportunity to interview a colleague, Hani Girgis, a Partner in Deloitte Consulting, who has spent the last year in an experimental Associate NED role, to try and understand how the NHS might achieve greater diversity at Board level. Hani’s experience and lessons from the ‘experiment’ provide valuable insights on tackling board diversity which I thought I would share by way of our final blog of the 2016.

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