Blockchain: Picking the right links for the Life Science and Health Care industries

by Amen Sanghera, Analyst, UK Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions and Rui Zhou, Consultant, Deloitte Canada


Blockchain is increasingly touted as the technology that could transform many of the challenges facing healthcare and life sciences; whether it is providing secure and interoperable electronic health records (EHR), increasing the integrity of clinical trials data or improving the transparency of life science’s supply chain operations. While, the technology itself is not revolutionary, using it in the right situation, especially where trust, consensus or immutability are essential to the operations of the Life Science and Health care industries, could be transformational.

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R&D leaders roundtable: the key takeaways to help address pharma’s R&D productivity challenge

by Colin Terry, Partner, Deloitte Consulting


Following the launch of our eighth annual report ‘A new future for R&D? Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2017’, we hosted a peer-to-peer discussion on how R&D leaders can address R&D performance trends. The roundtable stimulated many insightful discussions among the senior R&D executives in attendance, and below are some of the key takeaways that resonated most with me.

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Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care

by Dr. Mark Steedman, Research Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


This week, we launched our report Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care. Our report takes an in-depth look at how connectivity is impacting the medtech industry, the challenges and opportunities that medtech companies are facing due to the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), the specific role connected medical devices are playing in the growth of the IoMT and what the future will bring for medtech and the IoMT.

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The NHS at 70 – time to celebrate our own independence day

by Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


As almost everyone knows, the Fourth of July is American Independence day. My premise for this blog is that the 5th July 1948, which marked the birth of the NHS, was in fact the day that people across the UK were liberated from worry and distress over their own health care. Consequently, a fitting tribute to the NHS on its 70th birthday would be to declare 5 July as our own ‘independence day’, and fight with all our might to retain the principles and values of the NHS.

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Five barriers that could keep biosimilar manufacturers from cracking the US market

by James Forsyth, Director, Deloitte MCS Limited, and Cameron McClearn, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week’s blog by James Forsyth (Director Deloitte MCS) and Cameron Mclearn (Principle Deloitte Consulting US) featured on the US Center for Health Solutions blog, A view from the Center, earlier this week.1 The article explores the challenges that are keeping biosimilar manufacturers from gaining more traction in the US market.

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Caring for Carers: Why everyone has a role to play

by Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


Last week was National Carers week, the annual awareness campaign aimed at recognising the seven million people across the UK who provide unpaid care for a family member or friend.1 It highlights the enormous challenges that carers face and the vital contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. Therefore I thought it timely to reflect on the contribution made to society by the millions of unpaid carers and consider what can be done to support those who provide the much needed, immensely valuable, unpaid care to their family and friends.

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The importance of early diagnosis in cancer

by Amen Sanghera


Recently I read that cancer was discovered in a 1.7 million year old ancient human fossil.1 This discovery sparked my interest to understand some of the more recent developments in cancer research and the importance of early diagnosis in successfully treating cancers. Since the 1970s the survival rates for cancer have doubled, with 50 per cent of people diagnosed with cancer now surviving their disease for ten years or more.2

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Virtual health: Considering the technology implications

by Tim Smith, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP


This week’s blog by Tim Smith, Deloitte’s national leader for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) in the US, featured on the US Center for Health Solutions blog, A view from the Center, in March 2018.1 Following the HIMSS18 conference in the March 2018, Tim used the blog to explore the importance, challenges and considerations of virtual care programmes for organisations looking to implement them.

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Emerging technologies can boost performance in clinical trials

by Greg Reh, Vice Chairman, US and Global Life Sciences Leader, Deloitte LLP


This week’s blog by Greg Reh, Deloitte’s Global Life Sciences Leader first featured on the US Center for Health Solutions blog, A view from the Center.i In it Greg explores how emerging technologies can improve enrolment in, remove barriers of participation and increase drug adherence in pharma clinical trials.

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Anxiety – a personal perspective of this mental health issue, following a career break

By Debi Rhodes, COO & Clients & Industries Lead, Life Sciences & Healthcare


As part of last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Deloitte ran a number of events to raise the profile of this important issue and the support that is available to people. One of the messages that resonated with me was the importance of talking and sharing personal stories. Having just returned from maternity leave, it felt timely to share my brief experience of one of the mental health issues that temporarily affected me, but is an ongoing challenge for so many people – anxiety.

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