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'You Only Die Once': Talking about dying matters

By Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions


The National Council for Palliative Care and their Dying Matters Coalition partners hold a Dying Matters Awareness Week in May every year to raise the profile of the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement. This year, the week runs from 14th to the 20th of May, under the banner of ‘What Can You Do... in your community?’ For the past four years, I have written a blog to draw attention to this important subject, as I am a passionate advocate for good end-of-life care for all and know first-hand that failing to talk about the possible death of a loved one can have serious and long-term repercussions.

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Parts made to order: The future of tissue engineering is here and now

by Dr. Mark Steedman, Research Manager, Centre for Health Solutions


Our recent report The future awakens: Life sciences and health care predictions 2022, uses evidence from today to predict what the world will look like in the year 2022. One of our predictions, ‘The future of medicine is here and now,’ explores how exponential advances in life-extending and precision therapies will improve patient outcomes. Much of the evidence informing this prediction is derived from advances in areas such as genomics, precision medicine and new cancer treatments, including CAR-T cell therapies. However, advances in other scientific areas, such as tissue engineering, are also gaining traction. This week’s blog explores developments in tissue engineering as a whole and zeros in on an exciting new development in retinal tissue engineering.

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Technology and culture could expand roles for women working in hospitals

by Terri Cooper, Global Health Care Sector Leader and Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte LLP


Inclusion and equality are important forces impacting health care systems globally. Last month the UK government, following legislation introduced in April 2017, made it mandatory for organisations with 250 or more employees to report annually on their gender pay gap.1 The first annual publications shows that for all NHS trust staff, the mean gender pay gap in hourly pay is 15 per cent and the median is 17.4 per cent. While most NHS trusts have gaps that favour men, a few have pay gaps that favour women.

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Time to care: recognising the different needs of the hospital workforce

by Karen Taylor


Earlier this week I presented the key findings from our February 2017 report, Time to care: Securing a future for the hospital workforce in the UK, at a breakfast meeting at Northern Ireland’s NHS Confederation (NICON) conference highlighting the hospital workforce challenges and potential solutions for hospitals in the UK. In discussing our findings with an engaged audience, a particularly emotive issue was highlighted – the challenges facing our older and more experienced members of staff. Our research suggests that introducing more flexible working and addressing some of the hygiene factors identified in our report could help address this problem. I therefore thought I would use this week’s blog to explore this issue in more detail.

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Beyond bitcoin: Five possible uses for blockchain in health care

by Greg Reh


Blockchain technology is continually touted to revolutionise the operations of every industry it becomes associated with, and for health care and life sciences this no different. This week’s blog, by Greg Reh, Deloitte’s Global Life Sciences and Health Care Leader, discusses the possible use cases blockchain may have in health care. The blog first appeared in on the US Center for Health Solutions website, part of their My Take series.i

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2018: Evolutionary, or revolutionary?

by Karen Taylor, Director, Centre for Health Solutions

Evolution LSHC

In November 2017 we launched our report - ‘The future awakens: life sciences and health care predictions 2022’ - which provides an overview of six predictions that we believe will transform health care. This article, which first appeared in the Med Tech Innovation (MIT) news magazine,1 discusses the key medical technology innovations that I believe will impact health care in 2018.

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Out of HIMSS 2018: Top 5 Takeaways

by Anni Mekhail


The March 2018 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference in Las Vegas provided a wealth of insight into the products, investments, and innovations hitting the healthcare industry. The convention included over 1000 exhibitors, from global tech giants and health focussed incumbents, to numerous academic and research centres, healthcare investors, incubators, and start-up companies. As a doctor working in management consulting, I enjoyed my first experience of HIMSS and came away with some valuable ideas and insights, including my top five takeaways which I highlight below.

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Focusing on eye health for World Glaucoma Week

by Mark Steedman, PhD


This week is World Glaucoma Week, aimed at raising awareness around glaucoma – a group of eye diseases that lead to damage to the optic nerve and can cause permanent vision loss. World Glaucoma Week encourages people to have regular eye checks to detect glaucoma (and other eye diseases) early and pursue treatment to preserve their vision.1

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Robots, AI, and cognitive analysis: How technology is disrupting hospitals around the globe

By Terri Cooper, PhD, and Dr. Stephanie Allen

Disruption blog

In our Predictions 2022 report, The future awakens, we highlight as one of our six predictions that ‘the culture in health care is being transformed by digital technologies’, with smart health care delivering more cost-effective patient-centred care through digitally-enabled hospitals. This week’s blog first appeared as a US Center for Health Solutions blog, A view from the Center. It discusses in more detail how rapidly-evolving technologies and growing consumerism, along with demographic and economic changes, are already disrupting hospitals and considers how several megatrends might impact how hospitals of the future are staffed, sized, and designed.

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Time to Care: Securing a future for the hospital workforce in the UK


On Monday 19th of February we launched the UK cut of our Time to care report at a jointly sponsored Cambridge Health Network event at the Deloitte offices here in London. Our UK report builds on our larger European study, launched last November, which examined the workforce challenges and actions needed to secure a sustainable clinical workforce for the future in 15 countries across Europe. Our UK report takes a deeper look at the research evidence collected for the European report, including the crowdsourced survey of hospital doctors and nurses. We supplemented the research with further interviews, data analysis, literature reviews and insights from Deloitte staff working with NHS and private sector clients across the four UK countries. Although we acknowledge the significant challenges currently facing the hospital and wider healthcare sector, we identify a huge amount of positivity and commitment from employers and staff and highlight 17 evidence based case examples of innovative approaches to tackling staff recruitment, retention and deployment.

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