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How healthy is pharmaceutical research and development (R&D)?

Pharma R&D

In December 2015 we launched our sixth annual report on ‘Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation’.  Our research highlights the difficulties that the largest pharmaceutical companies face in delivering sustainable returns on their late stage R&D pipelines. Indeed, while the cost to develop an asset has increased by a third since we started our analysis six years ago, forecast average peak sales has declined by half. Additionally, our measure of forecast R&D return on investment (RoI) has also shown a significant downward trend, with the average across the 12 companies declining from over ten per cent in 2010 to just over four per cent in 2015.

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A personal take on measuring pharma R&D returns


You may have seen the headlines this week that pharma R&D returns are at their lowest level for at least 5 years.  This comes from our 6th ‘Measuring the returns from pharmaceutical R&D’ report – an annual study which I have worked on for the last three years.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the origins of this report and its contribution to the debate on pharma R&D productivity. 

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Genomics - an opportunity for growth and differentiation for the UK Life Science industry?


On 29 September a report on the Genomics industry in the UK which we had prepared for the Office for Life Sciences was published. The report looks at the size, growth trends and industry composition of the market and provides insight into the potential drivers, challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the UK.i This blog highlights some of the key trends in human genomics, the development of the emergent UK market and the barriers that will need to be overcome if the benefits to the UK are to be fully realised.

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The rise of life science strategic alliances – are you ready to maximise the opportunities?


This week the Center for Health Solutions is delighted to bring you a guest blog from one of our consultants in health care and life sciences: 

The life science industry is facing significant challenges such as patent cliffs, pricing and market access restrictions as well as increasing regulatory pressure. These challenges fundamentally call into question traditional business models and, as a result, life science companies are increasingly looking to new and innovative ways to tackle these challenges

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Risk and Regulation: A wave of change for pharma


This week the Center for Health Solutions is delighted to bring you a guest blog from one of our regulatory compliance specialists in health care and life sciences:

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The M&A game – big pharma prefers not to play

As seen in our recent report “Measuring the return on pharmaceutical innovation”, the majority of big pharma’s late stage pipeline value is driven by external sources: Acquisitions; joint ventures or in-licensing agreements.

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The science of biopharmaceutical innovation – is targeting a win-win for everyone concerned?

Innovating in the biopharmaceutical field is becoming more and more challenging. Our recent report, in conjunction with Thomson Reuters, clearly shows that some companies are successfully dealing with the current environment, while others are struggling to innovate.

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