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5 posts from April 2016


The cost of unused medicines in the UK


April 30th is National Take Back Day in the US. Take back events encourage consumers/patients to return unused medicines that are lying around their homes to pharmacies, so that they can be disposed of properly. This reminded me of a recent experience that troubled me enormously.

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Healthcare innovation in rural Nicaragua: an on-the-ground perspective


We’ve often written blogs about the adoption of innovation and how innovation and technology is helping to support healthcare providers to work differently but it can often feel a little remote to our everyday experiences. This week I’m delighted to share with you a blog written by one of our Monitor Deloitte colleagues who took a sabbatical in late 2015 from her role as a Strategy Consultant in order to support the development of micro-enterprises in rural Nicaragua.

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Haemophilia: The impact of a Single gene disorder on world history


Earlier this week I was discussing our up and coming Healthcare and Life Sciences Essentials course with a new joiner Pavithra Rallapalli, known as Pavi, who recently completed her Post doctoral fellowship at University College London. Her experience was facinating and, not one to miss a chance, I asked Pavi whether she might be interested in writing a Centre blog, and if so what would she want to write about.

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Paying for innovation in medical technology


This week we’re delighted to feature a ‘my take’ written by our US colleague Harry Greenspun – MD, Director, Center for Health Solutions. We thought it would strike a cord with those fair weather cyclists who are starting to emerge from winter hibernation, but also to those of us interested in learning how the US Med-Tech industry is adapting to new value based payment models. 

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Insights on Autism: Improving our awareness


Some of you reading this blog may already be hooked on the new BBC One drama, The A Word, which shows the reverberation felt across one seemingly perfect family when its youngest member, Joe, is diagnosed with autismi. Others may have seen it advertised and thought the subject matter didn’t resonate or would be too uncomfortable to watch. Certainly that was my husband’s initial reaction but watch it he did and we both found portrayal of this much misunderstood condition very enlightening. Not only does it provide some idea of how wide and varied the condition is, it also highlights that being given a diagnosis is not only life changing for the child, but also for the whole family. As it happens, next week, Saturday 2 April to Friday 8 April, is World Autism Awareness Weekii so I thought I’d use this week’s blog to provide some facts, figure and insights on autism and contribute in a small way to raising awareness about the condition.

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