The challenge of compliance in life sciences: moving from cost to value.


This week, the Centre for Health Solutions launched its report The challenge of compliance in life sciences: moving from cost to value at the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference in association with Deloitte. The report, which is based on interviews conducted with senior compliance leaders in 11 major life sciences companies and Deloitte’s experience working with the industry, focuses on the compliance challenges life sciences companies face in ensuring a strategic balance between compliance risk and value. As regulators and regulations continue to increase in number and complexity, life sciences companies will need to demonstrate that they have active and comprehensive compliance programmes across all of their business and clinical operations. This week’s blog discusses the seven key insights derived from the initial phase of our research that we believe these programmes would need to address.

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Now you see it now you don’t: can the Spending Review deliver a sustainable health and social care system?


At 12:30pm on the 25th of November the long awaited and much rehearsed 2015 Spending Review was announced. Speculation about its content has been rife but, as the Chancellor set out how much government funding will be available for the NHS and social care over the next five years, the debate about whether the settlement will be enough to ensure the sustainability of the service commenced. This week’s blog considers the main details of the settlement and discusses what this might mean for health and social care.

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Taking a scalpel to global drug access and affordability


This week we’re delighted to feature a blog written by one of our US colleagues. In his ‘My Take’ Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney (Managing Director, Life Sciences and Health Care, Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited) discusses how expanding market access is crucial to providing a sustainable solution to rising healthcare costs.

While infectious disease burden is still a pressing issue around the world, many regions are also facing an explosion of the same chronic and lifestyle diseases that are impacting the developed world. Programs like the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) have enabled great strides against diseases like HIV/AIDS, for example. But sadly, little public money goes toward chronic disease in some parts of the developing world. As a result, more than half of the world’s population makes too little to afford many of the drugs they need, and four out of five chronic disease deaths are in low- or middle-income countries.1,2 These attention-grabbing statistics highlight the vast unmet needs in terms of access and affordability that exist around the globe.

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Capitalising on the latest breakthrough drug: The patient


This week we’re delighted to feature a blog written by one of our US colleagues. In his ‘My Take’ Greg Reh (Principal, US and Global Life Sciences Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP) discusses the findings from Deloitte’s 2015 survey of US Health Care Consumers and shares his insights on patient engagement:

“An empowered consumer is the new breakthrough drug.” This is how Daniel Kraft, Medicine and Neuroscience Chair at Singularity University, began his talk at last week’s Financial Times and Deloitte Digital Health Summit. And, it’s true: In a health care environment that is continually transforming, a patient-centric marketplace holds important considerations for stakeholders as they seek to adapt, innovate, and grow.

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Transforming care: How we implemented a hospital-wide Electronic Patient Record system


It was a crisp equinox morning in March, when an elaborate and inquisitive project team gathered in a huge auditorium at a 500 bed community hospital in the US. The team members (comprised of physicians and clinicians from the hospital, Deloitte employees, and the electronic patient record (EPR) vendor), had gathered to ’kick-off’ a big-bang EPR system implementation project.

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The growth of the UK’s digital healthcare market


When we published our report on Connected Health earlier this year we focussed predominately on how technology could improve peoples’ access and ability to self-manage, develop better communication and understanding between patients and healthcare professionals and help health and social care providers deliver safer, more efficient and cost-effective care. One issue we found difficult to quantify was the current size of the digital health market in the UK. In September, our colleagues in Monitor Deloitte sought to tackle this issue and, on the basis of work commissioned by the Office of Life Sciences, published a report on the industry challenges and dynamics in the UK. This week’s blog highlights some of the key findings in this report and why the UK is well positioned to take advantage of the digital health opportunity.

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The State of the State: implications for the NHS

The State of the State - Blog

This week Deloitte LLP and Reform published their fourth report on the State of the State Recalibrating Government. This report analyses material from a wide range of public sources, including the government’s accounts, public spending data, departmental reports and official economic figures; augmented by insights from roundtable discussions and interviews with leaders from across the public services, collectively responsible for £16billion of public spending. The result is a compelling report that highlights the realities of our public finances, summarising a wealth of data in an accessible manner to present a thought-provoking and independent view of the UK public sector. This week’s blog considers the main findings in the report and the implications and outlook for the NHS.

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Life at the sharp end: a day in the life of a hospital Chief Operating Officer


With memories of summer fading fast, the NHS’s preparations for “winter pressures” are well underway. Not that the pressure has relented in any way over the summer months. Indeed, most NHS organisations are likely thinking that winter pressures are simply year-long pressures. Nevertheless, and whatever the local situation, winter does seem to precipitate a feeling of crisis and the expectation that staff will need to go the extra mile. This week, I had the privilege of interviewing a Chief Operating Officer, Gill, who has recently changed profession and  agreed to describe a typical day in her life last winter to give us all some idea of what it really feels like on the front-line. This week’s blog presents the highlights of that interview, as described by Gill. 

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Genomics - an opportunity for growth and differentiation for the UK Life Science industry?


On 29 September a report on the Genomics industry in the UK which we had prepared for the Office for Life Sciences was published. The report looks at the size, growth trends and industry composition of the market and provides insight into the potential drivers, challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the UK.i This blog highlights some of the key trends in human genomics, the development of the emergent UK market and the barriers that will need to be overcome if the benefits to the UK are to be fully realised.

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More research funds needed to improve dementia today and tomorrow


September 2015 is the fourth global World Alzheimer’s Month™, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma of dementia. Its theme, Remember Me, is aimed at encouraging people across the world to learn to spot the signs of dementia, and not to forget those who are living with, or have died with, dementia. In the UK, dementia awareness and understanding has come a long way. However, the stigmatisation and misinformation that surrounds dementia remain a challenge and research into this devastating disease is still seriously underfunded.

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Moving beyond the hype of analytics in health care

Ind_TMT_glb_ho_2267 (00000002)

This week we’re delighted to feature an article written by our US colleague: Mitch Morris – MD, Vice Chairman, National Health Care Provider Lead, Deloitte LLP. Whilst Mitch’s ‘My Take’ is focussed on the use of analytics in the US healthcare market, many of the points made resonate across the globe as health systems turn to analytics to help deliver more high quality care for less:

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