21st Century Cures: Revolutionizing the launch of new therapies


This week we are delighted to share some thoughts from one of our US colleagues – Terri Cooper, Principal - Federal Health Sector Leader. In her “My Take” she discusses US ambitions to enhance its global competitiveness in biomedical research, an item that’s high on the UK government’s agenda.

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What might the future look like for Dementia in 2020?


Last weekend the Prime Minister (PM) launched his second ‘challenge on dementia’ a five year vision aimed at positioning England as the best country in the world for dementia care and research by 2020[i]. The PM’s 2020 challenge is set against a backdrop of a growing body of evidence on the profound impact dementia is having on society (the Centre’s blog published late last year detailed the latest evidence on the scale and extent of the dementia challenge). While it celebrates the significant progress made to date it also acknowledges that much more still needs to be done.

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Is the nation sobering up?

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This week we are pleased to share perspectives on how behaviour change can help tackle harmful drinking from our colleagues Liz Hampson and Nicole Malouf,  – This is a short thought piece to be presented at The Global Chief Medical officers Network. 

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Can healthcare influence behaviour to improve health and wellbeing?

As we leave the first month of the year behind and look ahead to spring, many of us will be reflecting on progress, or otherwise, with our New Year’s resolutions. Many will experience that sinking feeling, the stark and unpalatable fact that far too many good intentions have already fallen by the way-side. We know that accomplishing New Year’s resolutions can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing but research shows that only eight per cent of people who set resolutions actually achieve them.

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Are new organisational forms the solution to the current performance and sustainability challenges of NHS providers?


This week’s Thoughts from the Centre discusses the highlights from a publication developed by our colleagues in the Health Transactions and Restructuring Team on the Dalton review and implications for NHS providers.

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Catch me before I fall: Improving understanding and management of falls in older people


Returning from a weekend skiing gave me cause to reflect on one of the principal risks encountered, namely falling, and the impact of fluctuating temperatures at this time of year on the risk of falling here in the UK.

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Doubling down: The new focus for pharma


This week we thought it would be interesting to share insights on a topical issue from Deloitte's U.S. Center for Health Solutions. This “My Take” from the January 20th, 2015 Health Care Current written by Homi Kapadia, Vice Chairman, U.S Life Sciences Leader, Deloitte LLP, provides a view on the rise of "pure play" business strategies for life science companies.[i] 

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A winter’s tale? What’s really causing the A&E crisis?


Few can avoid the escalating hysteria of media headlines declaring that the NHS is yet again in the grip of another winter crisis, seemingly due to the sheer increase in volume of attendances at major Accident and Emergency (A&E) units. However, the facts of the matter are, that there is nothing unprecedented or unexpected about the level of A&E attendances, so what is behind the sharp fall in performance?

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A year in the life of the NHS


The past year has been one of continued and unrelenting challenges for the NHS with healthcare dominating the news and public policy agenda throughout 2014.

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Optimism in an era of major transformation for global life sciences


As our final ‘Thought for the week’ of 2014,  I thought I’d share with you the “My Take”,first published in the US Center for Health Solutions December 9, 2014 Health Care Current. Written by Pete Mooney, the Deloitte DTTL Global Managing Director for health care and life sciences, it presents his main takeaways from the November 2014 Financial Times Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference (Watch the on demand videos from the conference including Joseph Jimenez, CEO Novartis, Simon Stevens and many more):

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Are Pharma R&D returns turning a corner?

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This week we launched our latest annual report on ‘Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation’ . Since 2010, we have been measuring the projected returns that the leading 12 life science companies are likely to deliver from the drugs they are developing in their late stage pipelines.

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