Priorities for R&D leaders: innovation and collaboration

Priorities for R&D leaders.

This week marks the release of our first annual survey of pharmaceutical R&D leaders: Innovating to survive, collaborating to thrive. The report is written against a background of rapid changes in the way the pharmaceutical industry operates; with regulatory, health system and political environments all exerting unprecedented pressures on the returns that pharmaceutical companies are achieving from research and development (R&D). This week’s blog explores some of the key findings from the report.

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Speak Up – Tackling the stigma around mental health in the elderly and those at the end-of-life


Last week marked both Mental Health Awareness Week and Dying Matters Awareness Week. These two separate campaigns run annually and, respectively, promote good mental health and the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement. For our blog this week, our Manager Mark Steedman explores the challenge of addressing mental health in the elderly, including the impact associated with the stigma involved in talking about the problem, linking it to his experiences and interests in mental health and end-of-life care research.

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People not patients: four reasons why human insight is key to improving healthcare


This week I hosted a panel discussion on how we, as individuals approach health and wellbeing in the workplace and in our private lives. While our contribution to the panel was based on our recent report ‘At a tipping point: Workplace mental health and wellbeing’; we were privileged to have one of our colleagues, Caroline Hope, a Partner in our Public Sector practice, as one of our panellists. In this week’s blog Caroline has kindly agreed to share her views on human-centred healthcare design.

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3D Printing: The contribution of 3D printing in improving health outcomes


Our first blog of 2017, titled ‘12 medical technology innovations likely to transform healthcare in 2017’ looked at the technologies that we believe will have the greatest impact on the continued transformation of healthcare. This week’s blog by Amen Sanghera, an analyst here at the Centre, takes a deeper dive into 3D printing technology and its current and future uses across the healthcare and life sciences industry.

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Unravelling the complexity of compliance in the life sciences supply chain


This week we launched our report Unravelling complexity: The challenge of compliance in the life sciences supply chain. This report is a follow-up to our previous report The challenge of compliance in Life Sciences: Moving from cost to value, which we published in November 2015. Our new report focuses on the compliance challenges life sciences companies face in their supply chains and suggests actions that companies can take to maintain safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness across these dynamic, interconnected systems.

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No one is an island: Managing post-acute care in the 21st century


This week’s blog is written by our US colleague, Steve Burrill, who is the vice chairman and national sector leader for Deloitte’s Health Care Providers practice in the US. This article first appeared in My Take, part of Deloitte's Health Care Current platform.1 The article highlights some of the challenges of providing post-acute care and suggests a number of solutions, some of which may be pertinent to other healthcare systems, including ours here in the UK.

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At a tipping point? Workplace mental health and wellbeing


While discussions around Brexit took centre stage last week, it was also a significant week for awareness building in mental health, including mental health in the workplace. On Tuesday, the mental health charity Mind hosted their inaugural Workplace Wellbeing Index Awards, an event recognising and celebrating employers’ commitment to prioritising mental health at work. Two days later the ‘Heads Together’ campaign, aimed at championing awareness and addressing the stigma around mental health, launched a series of short films featuring celebrities and ordinary people describing life-changing conversations about their mental health.1 These events resonated strongly with us, as this week we are launching our new report At a tipping point? Workplace mental health and wellbeing. This week’s blog, by our colleague Elizabeth Hampson, explains the motivation behind our report and highlights some of its main findings.

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Article 50 – Gearing up for Brexit in Life Sciences


Time to act?

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), some eight months ago, the ongoing debate has been dominated by uncertainty - with limited guidance on how to plan for changes to come. While there has been limited appetite to act in the context of such uncertainty, the Prime Minister’s decision to trigger Article 50 has now set the clock ticking.1

Since the UK’s vote to leave the EU, Deloitte have run a series of Brexit Labs to understand the implications of Brexit for the life sciences industry.2 This week’s blog highlights some of the insights identified, with some practical steps that could be taken in the coming months.

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Air Pollution: Don’t you know that I’m toxic?


This week the House of Commons launched a ‘super inquiry‘ into the growing concern around air pollution in Britain. Four select committee panels will combine to examine the latest scientific evidence on how pollution in Britain is impacting health and the environment.1 This week’s blog is by our colleague, Giles Dean, a senior consultant in the firm’s risk advisory ractice; in it he discusses the impact that air pollution can have on our health and what is being done in the UK to tackle the problem.

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The March 2017 Budget: how might the money be better spent?


Following a winter of media headlines that portrayed the NHS and social care as buckling under the strain of rising demand and difficulties in accessing services and support; last week’s Budget ended the speculation on how much additional funding would be available. While the inclusion of some immediate interventions aimed at lifting the NHS and social care out of their current predicament was welcomed, as the dust settles concerns are emerging from many quarters that the budget doesn’t go far or wide enough. This week’s blog explores the main budget proposals and what this means for social care and the NHS.

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M&A in Life Sciences set for revival in 2017


This week our colleague Sriram Prakash, Deloitte’s global lead for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insight, published the cross industry M&A Index Outlook for 2017.1 This week’s blog draws on the report to explore the outlook for, and key drivers of, M&A in the Life Sciences industry in 2017.

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