Keep calm and carry on: How can the healthcare and life sciences industries weather the Brexit storm?


We have now had the best part of a week to absorb the momentous news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Much has been written about this seismic event and, following our blog in February this year, on what Brexit might mean for the healthcare and life sciences industries,i we thought we should use this week’s blog to update our views on the potential risks and opportunities for our life sciences and healthcare sectors.

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How much does NHS commissioning matter?


This week’s blog is by one of the directors in our health consulting business, who is currently on secondment to Australia, building her knowledge and experience of other health care systems and hoping to take the best practice from the UK to support Australia to deliver sustainable, high quality health services, and to bring their good ideas back here.

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Extending coverage of palliative care services in India-how can recent changes transform care


In 2014 we published a report on End of Life Care in the UK and subsequently have written a number of related blogs on this important subject. This week’s blog has been written by a member of our team, based in India, who was motivated to write it having helped us with our research for our upcoming report on ‘Vital Signs: How to deliver better healthcare across Europe - which includes palliative and end of life care as one of the seven vital signs and highlights its importance as a quality measure healthcare system performance.

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Care coordination: A key ingredient in the recipe for population health management


This week’s blog is by one of our partners in our health consulting business on a two-year secondment to the UK from the US. Dr Robert Williams (Dr Bob to all who know him) is helping us to leverage his knowledge and experience in our work with NHS organisations, particularly in relation to population health management and IT implementation. Over to Dr Bob!

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Changing expectations: Preparing the physician of the future


This week we’re delighted to feature an article written by our US colleague Harry Greenspun – MD, Director, Center for Health Solutions. In his ‘my take’ Harry discusses medical schools and their ability to prepare doctors for the new world of healthcare:

My oldest son Benjamin and I have shared a lot of great experiences, including playing in a rock band together. When he decided long ago that he wanted to follow in my footsteps and be a doctor, I knew what was in store for him. He worked incredibly hard through high school and then tirelessly in college. He suffered through organic chemistry just as I did, and, now nearing the finish line, awaits his MCAT scores. Relatively unchanged from when I took them in 1985, he will be judged on his knowledge of biology, physics, psychology, reasoning, and other pre-med requirements. With his scores in hand, he will apply, interview, and (hopefully) be accepted to medical school.

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How to accelerate access to clinical innovation in the NHS


Over the last 15 months some of our Monitor Deloitte colleagues have been working with the Office of Life Sciences to help the UK establish a programme of accelerated access to clinical innovation for NHS patients and a healthy environment for the Life sciences industry. This week’s blog introduces the latest results of our involvement – the publication of a ‘How to Guide’ from early idea development through to large scale adoption.

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How can we tackle loneliness in older people?


In our report in 2014, Better care for frail older people, we identified, among many other concerns, the issue of chronic loneliness which evidence suggests is as bad for health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Indeed, I had previously written a blog in 2013 on Chronic Loneliness - the next Public Health Challenge. I was therefore delighted when one of our new joiners, offered to write this week’s blog on tackling loneliness in older people, based on her first-hand experience and I hope that if more of us implement some of the suggestions then we can start to reverse this rising trend.

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Talking about dying matters: So what are you waiting for?


Last May I wrote about the launch of the Dying Matters Awareness Week (DMAW), whose theme, ‘Talk Plan Live’, highlighted the importance of talking about dying and, importantly, of planning ahead.i On Monday evening (9th May), I attended the launch of this year’s campaign, ‘The Big Conversation: Talking about dying won’t make it happen!’ Once again, the aim is to encourage people to talk to their loved ones about dying so that their wishes can be met and important things are not left unsaid.ii Whilst death happens to all of us, most of us still do not feel comfortable talking about dying, death or bereavement. I hope that by sharing my own personal story, this week’s blog might help encourage you to feel more comfortable talking about the only certainty in all our lives.

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Forecasting – better to be a fox than a hedgehog


When I think back on the 16 years I spent in market research and consulting for the life sciences industry, much of my time was spent forecasting. Forecasting informs a multitude of activities and decisions, both strategic and tactical, within the industry and I was lucky enough to be immersed in many of these:

  • assessing the market potential of a new product launch
  • quantifying commercial opportunity within a new geography
  • estimating the size of a therapy area or indication
  • evaluating the impact of a new competitor on a market incumbent
  • predicting the likely returns of a product at different price points
  • gauging the commercial potential of an acquisition or divestment, be it an asset, a portfolio of assets or a company level
  • forecasting the size of a salesforce for a new product launch, to name just a few.

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The cost of unused medicines in the UK


April 30th is National Take Back Day in the US. Take back events encourage consumers/patients to return unused medicines that are lying around their homes to pharmacies, so that they can be disposed of properly. This reminded me of a recent experience that troubled me enormously.

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Healthcare innovation in rural Nicaragua: an on-the-ground perspective


We’ve often written blogs about the adoption of innovation and how innovation and technology is helping to support healthcare providers to work differently but it can often feel a little remote to our everyday experiences. This week I’m delighted to share with you a blog written by one of our Monitor Deloitte colleagues who took a sabbatical in late 2015 from her role as a Strategy Consultant in order to support the development of micro-enterprises in rural Nicaragua.

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