Rob Young, winner of 2015-16 CAVC Apprenticeship Award

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It was a proud night for our colleagues in Wales as one of their apprentices took home the Apprentice Award.

Rob Young joined Deloitte in September 2015 as part of the newly created Cardiff Apprenticeship programme. Our partnership with Cardiff & Vale College (CAVC) allows us to offer on-the-job business administration experience to people across the region. Rob joined the Tax GES Centre of Excellence Team in Cardiff on a 12-month apprenticeship.

Red carpet moment

Fast forward 12 months: Rob was chosen from CAVC learners across all curriculum areas for his outstanding achievements in the year, and took home the Apprenticeship Award for the 2015-16 academic year. Congratulations!

What’s next? Rob successfully applied to the Audit BrightStart programme which started in September 2016. It combines on-the-job learning with study towards a professional qualification, and comes with a salary and benefits too.

Good to know

We know that a traditional university degree is not right for everyone. If you know someone that would rather get a head start in their career and start earning while they learn, BrightStart may well be a better option – find out more.

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Test your problem solving skills: Forensic Technology Challenge #4


Paying homage to our fondness of brain-teasers, every month we post a new challenge created by the Forensic Technology team, focusing on logical, analytical and coding problems.

Analysing data for patterns/trends is an important part of what we do in Forensic Technology. With this in mind we have returned to our programming roots for this month’s challenge. Can you write a script to solve the below…?

i) What are the factors of 379065191139531?

ii) What connects 35432488 with these numbers: 806095675586097, 7405814774826 and 379065191139531

We’ll be posting our Python based solution next month at which point we will bid you farewell for the year. We hope to be back next year with more puzzles but in a different format so make sure you keep an eye out for our return!

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If you are someone who enjoys problem-solving, logical thinking and technology, check out our Forensic Technology graduate professional roles to see if they are the right fit.


What's the answer?

For the final time this year we present our solution to the challenge we have set you:

i) Below is the code we used in Python 3.5 to calculate the factors of 379065191139531:


ii) As alluded to in part i) the first step to solving ii) is to get the factors of 806095675586097, 7405814774826 and 379065191139531. The next part is not so obvious. First we need the common factors of the 3 numbers we were just looking at. Then with some outside-the-box thinking we sum over these common factors to arrive at 35432488.

The code to do this is below:


We hope to be back next year bigger and better so keep a look out for future posts.

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Daniel Williams: my apprenticeship journey

My name is Daniel Williams, I am one out of the ten first business administration apprentices working for Deloitte in Cardiff. Throughout my apprenticeship I have worked on the Deloitte Business Support Team and currently am working on the Regulatory Compliance Team. Back in April I shared my experiences in my first blog “My week as an apprentice in Cardiff”. A few months have gone by so here’s what I’ve been getting up to: from involvement in GLOBE, the LGBT Professional Network at Deloitte, to working on our One Million Futures campaign, and my own personal story of weight loss.


I am a proud member of GLOBE, the LGBT Professional Network at Deloitte. My partner and I joined GLOBE at London Pride 2016 and it was amazing to experience that level of acceptance within the company I work for. I aspire to promote diversity and inclusion in Wales. Together with my colleague Michelle Skinner I co-launched GLOBE Cymru the regional network. Being part of this network allows me to be myself, confidently, in my workplace and makes me feel proud to work in such an open environment.

UK & Swiss Directors & Partners Bi-Annual Meeting 2016: One Million Futures

I was given the opportunity to take on the role of the compère at the UK & Swiss Bi-Annual Directors and Partners Meeting 2016. My role was to introduce One Million Futures and share my own story. I hope that through sharing my story, I can inspire other students to consider a career at Deloitte.

When it came to my speech I was very nervous. I was faltering as I began my speech then paused a moment and I was embarrassed. I couldn’t allow this to happen so I took a deep breath and settled my nerves. In a calm manner I finished the rest of my speech with confidence. As my speech came to a close I thanked the audience and silence fell for split second before the applause. The relief I felt afterwards knowing that I had overcome my nerves was amazing, and I am very proud that I faced it head on.


Personal endeavours

In my last blog I shared my story of weight loss, which is a challenge I’ve faced in my personal life. I am excited to tell you that since my last blog entry that I furthered my achievements and lost a total of 3 1/2 stone. Overall I’m a much healthier and happier. Thank you to my friends, family and colleagues for all their support!

Continuing my journey, a few friends and I decided to take on a challenge of endurance. On Sunday 3rd July, my friends and I completed our sponsored 50 mile walk in remembrance of Sarah Price, who sadly took her own life due to mental illness. We raised £723.50 for Mind the mental health charity. The feeling of accomplishment I had after this walk was satisfying. I was proud that I had raised both awareness and funds for a good cause, plus used it to work towards my personal goals.

Past, present, future.

Overall in the year that I have been in the firm I achieved an amazing amount in such a short space of time! I’ve passed my apprenticeship, improved my overall wellbeing, and made lifelong friends. I am far happier and more confident than I could imagine. I have improved my life completely and things are only going to continue to get better.

Good luck to the next intake of apprentices! You’ve got exciting times ahead of you!

Click here to find out more about apprenticeships at Deloitte.



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Test your problem solving skills: Forensic Technology Challenge #3


Paying homage to our fondness of brain-teasers, every month we post a new challenge created by the Forensic Technology team, focusing on logical, analytical and coding problems.

For this month’s challenge, we are heading over to Rio (figuratively) and getting into the spirit of the Paralympic games. Using the publicly available data for the last two Paralympics (Beijing and London), we want you to predict using a mathematical model how many gold medals ParalympicsGB will win in Rio.

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Reading’s BrightStart apprentices challenge local schools in essay writing competition

508373_Deloitte_BrightStartReading_BlogHeaderDeloitte team members from left to right: Ella Kemp (BrightStart), Andy Gardner (Summer Vacation Scheme Graduate), Katie Barrows (Scholar), Zoë Dexter (BrightStart), Victoria Elkins (BrightStart), Claire Siviter (Talent Director – South Region) and Hugh Knudsen (Scholar).

Zoë is a BrightStart Apprentice working in our Reading office. Zoë identified that when giving careers advice, her school placed a lot of emphasis on traditional university routes and lacked awareness of alternative pathways. To try and remedy this, she proposed the idea of an essay competition, designed to challenge local students to consider a wider range of school leaver opportunities. A small team, led by two of our BrightStart apprentices, pulled together to make this happen. We caught up with Zoë to find out more...

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Test your problem solving skills: Forensic Technology Challenge #2


Paying homage to our fondness of brain-teasers, every month we post a new challenge created by the Forensic Technology team, focusing on logical, analytical and coding problems.

For this month’s challenge you need to put your spy hat on and decrypt a message.

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Golden opportunity for Impact Award winners

137-Paralympic Dinner1200x798
On Saturday 16 July the winning four teams from the Impact Awards were given an opportunity to see-off the ParalympicsGB athletes in style at the Deloitte sponsored Team Launch. The Impact Awards celebrates employees that make an impact that matters—for clients, for our people, and for society.

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Forensic Technology Challenge – Bonus Question


Already solved the #4TechChallenge for this month? Here’s a bonus question to keep your mind in challenge mode:

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Test your problem solving skills: Forensic Technology Challenge #1

Forensic Technology FB

In Forensic Technology complex problem solving is a large part of our day-to-day work.

Paying homage to our fondness of brain-teasers, we’re launching a monthly Forensic Technology Challenge - a new series of logical, analytical and coding problems that put into practice the STEM, finance and technology skills essential to our work.

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Project work in Lugano with Forensic Technology

Kiran from the Electronic Discovery team in Forensic Technology shares her experience below.


I work in Forensic Technology and have been part of the Electronic Discovery team for 3 years, for the past year and a half I have been working on a project based in Lugano, Switzerland. The project has been set up such that a team of us rotate and we each spend 2 weeks at a time on site in Lugano. This means that I spend 2 weeks overseas and then I return to London for a month before travelling again.

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