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It’s exciting times for you, as you begin your journey into the working world. You may also have a tide of questions and expectations, as it’s all pretty new to you. Well, to ease that tide, we asked Tatiana to share her story and advice on first job expectations.

When I first joined Deloitte as a graduate, it was both a scary and exciting time. My drive to excel in my new role sprung up all kinds of hopes, fantasies, and fears. My professional experience was made up of cleaning popcorn, and selling tickets at a cinema, a job I actually liked, but vastly different from the new, unknown world I was stepping into. 

Securing the first step in your career is a big milestone. It’s all your hard work coming together, and could lead to so many more things. But the ‘new’ can also be daunting. And whether its excitement or fear you’re feeling, the unknown will spring up a lot of questions. So, what should you expect from your first job.

You’ve probably stalked your company online as much as Google allows. You want to know who you will be working with, what the environment is like, even what the lunch scene has to offer. The truth is, like with anything new, you need to go in with an open mind. 

Your first few weeks at your new job will be about adapting, integrating, getting to know the company, and most importantly - learning.

Starting here at Deloitte was like easing into the shallow pool, learning how to paddle, to swim, and then gliding into the deep. So, if you’re nervous about the level of work expected from you – don’t. You won’t be expected to know everything, and you won’t be expected to make big contributions straightaway. Being new puts you in a great position. Take advantage of this by asking lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. No-one gets things right straightaway. Being new to the job, you’re bound to get things wrong, but that’s how we all learn. And as a newbie, you have the great excuse of – well – being new. 

Starting a new job in the career you’ve worked so hard for can be daunting. The next few months will be an important time for you to impress, and make a big impression. But you’ve got the goods, otherwise they wouldn’t have hired you. So, don’t overthink it, work hard, learn lots, and go forth. It’s just the start of something great.



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