Beyond the Binary - Exploring the spectrum of gender identity and gender expression

How can we pave the way for a more inclusive future? There is a whole spectrum of identities that fall outside of the two culturally accepted binary genders and come under the trans umbrella. Beyond the Binary – Deloitte’s open forum event on Tuesday 17 April in association with Alexander Mann Solutions – explored how we can challenge stereotypes, better support trans and non-binary inclusion in the workplace, and make positive changes for the future.

Hear from the panel and watch a summary of the event here.

Priority image - Emma Codd

Nearly 200 people joined us. Emma Codd, Deloitte’s Managing Partner for Talent, hosted the evening. Comedian and writer Mae Martin entertained and inspired in equal measures with her personal experiences and anecdotes. This was followed by a provocative and highly engaging panel discussion involving leaders in this field from across industries.

Thought provoking. Creative. The discussions challenged perceptions and pushed us all to think about what we can do to make positive changes for the future. Has visibility for the trans community and non-binary gender identities moved on enough? How have labels and language changed and is that helpful or confusing? What can we do as a business to be sure that spaces are inclusive?

The overwhelming view was that people are happiest when they can be themselves – but there is a real lack of role models. Panel member Pips Bunce (Credit Suisse) challenged us all to be allies, to take a pledge to talk to someone in the workplace about it. If we create a butterfly effect we can start finding these role models and really make some positive changes.

Two of our other panel members, Amanda McKay (Balfour Beatty) and Paige Horton (Citi), have both found their careers have gone from strength to strength since they came out at work and feel totally included – giving great confidence and encouragement to others who are yet to be open in the workplace.

Beyond the Binary marks a year since the launch of Deloitte’s Gender Expression and Transition Policy. We all have the right to be ourselves; to have a voice, be respected, and to thrive – regardless of gender, trans status, sexuality, ethnicity, or anything else that makes us unique.
Thank you to all those who joined us and contributed to this truly inspiring evening.
If you couldn’t make the event see our video roundup here

We are thrilled that Deloitte has been named in not one but two Top 10 lists for two British LGBT Awards this year (Top Employer and Corporate Rising Star), with results announced 11 May. Not only that, but GLOBE is shortlisted for Network Group of the Year at the DIVA Awards, which celebrate the lives of lesbian, bi and trans women.

We are continuing to focus on ensuring we provide an inclusive environment at Deloitte. Interested to know more?
Find us at Deloitte Professionals, and

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Caitlin's ready to take on the hackers

Exciting, meaningful, and full of challenges. Caitlin sought a career that would deliver all this, and she found it in Cyber Risk. In her short time here, she’s already stepped in to help on a serious cyber attack.

Caitlin Smith_Cyber_individual_Stonecutter 01

One Friday afternoon we got news that a client had been hacked. We assembled a team and flew out to start our investigation within a matter of hours.

We had to work out how the attack had happened, what information had been lost, and what else might be at risk. I was in constant communication with the client, gaining exposure to senior executives including the CEO.

My role was to translate our technical findings in a way that was clear for our client – what had we found, what did it mean for them, what did they need to do. Once the immediate threat was dealt with, we looked at how the hack could have been prevented and what action our client needed to take to protect themselves in the future.

If we hadn’t responded so quickly, our client’s business would have been severely impacted. Being part of something so significant so early on in my career was a fantastic experience.

Since joining in September 2016, I’ve found Cyber a great place to work. You never know what might happen from one minute to the next, so the variety and different challenges keep things interesting. I’ve had the opportunity to deliver a number of interesting projects - from responding to a severe cyber incident at a client to helping another protect their most valued assets and data.

Today’s world is more complex, disruptive, technology-based and interconnected than ever before. Which means companies are more exposed to failure and exploitation, to theft, fraud and abuse. It’s our job to help clients limit this exposure. We help them make intelligent decisions about their infrastructure, technology, processes and people, working on challenging projects to help mitigate the risks they are exposed to. Keeping our clients safe, secure and one step ahead.

Be a defender and discover our Cyber roles here.

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Half way there, and fully stuck in: Ben’s Grad journey so far

At the halfway point of his Graduate programme in Audit & Assurance, Ben tells us about how he got here, his journey so far, and shares with us his hobbies beyond work.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 11.05.03

What made you pursue a career in your field and why did you apply to Deloitte?

I graduated from University College London in 2016 with a First in Physics MSCi, and had decided in my last year that I wanted to pursue a career in Finance. Following extensive research, I decided to apply to Deloitte. This was motivated by Deloitte’s elite reputation as a member of the Big 4. Furthermore, I felt that the Audit Graduate programme with the ACA was an excellent way to start my career. 

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

I like the drive and determination of the company to be the number one professional services firm. This attitude is reinforced by leadership which pervades the firm. They’re also very supportive towards their people and are very open to providing flexible working options.

What are your interests outside of work?

 I enjoy playing cricket for my local side and the Deloitte team. Additionally, I love spending time fishing. I also enjoy restoring my 1985 Land Rover 90 which has required me to teach myself how to weld (now another hobby). I also enjoy long walks with my two dogs.

What are the top three reasons for joining the Graduate programme?

1. Deloitte’s excellent support for studying for the ACA.

2. The superb and deserved reputation of the company.

3. The wide variety of quality career paths that it opens up.

How would you describe your Graduate journey?

Audit provides an excellent opportunity to understand and look at the inner workings of a company. It develops knowledge on both a holistic and granular level. I’ve enjoyed gaining a technical understanding of finance through the job and the ACA qualification in tandem. As I rest on the halfway point of my programme I am delighted with how far I’ve come in a brief period of time whilst also looking forward to the challenges ahead.

To explore our Graduate Programmes, click here: Deloitte Careers UK

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Fascinated by the world around him, Willem explores the world of business 

Coming from a science background Willem Zwetsloot has always been curious about the world around him. So, he chose to explore the world of Tax because it touches upon a wide and diverse range of subjects. Read about his journey so far.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 10.26.50


What made you pursue a career in your field, and why did you apply to Deloitte?

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Cambridge University in 2016, and I joined Deloitte’s graduate programme in a year later, where I work as a business tax analyst in the Cambridge office.  Tax is fascinating as it affects everyone and almost everything in the world around us. I chose Tax Advisory due to its great balance, involving everything from accounting to law, and everything in between.  I applied to Deloitte as it's particularly dynamic – as a company, they keep moving forward. This ranges from keeping ahead of the latest technologies, to continuously developing each individual on a personal level. I support the team with research, analysis and drafting for a range of advisory work. Recently, I’ve also taken on managing my own clients in the tax compliance process.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

Coming from a science background I am interested in the whole world around us - I wanted to join Deloitte to enter the business world, something which I’d had little exposure to before. Deloitte is a top firm which helps clients in a huge number of different industry sectors, so every day working is fascinating. 

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work I like to play hockey for my local hometown team. I also enjoy cooking and learning languages (currently Dutch!).

What are the top 3 reasons for joining the Graduate programme?

One of the best parts of the Deloitte Graduate programme is that you are able to learn whilst working. This means you get real-life experience at the same time as a good qualification, and are on a constant upward trajectory.

Another great reason for joining the Graduate programme is that you are handed responsibility early on in your career. This really allows you to grow as a person and boosts your development as a tax advisor.   

Lastly, all Deloitte Tax Graduates and Brightstart joiners go on the Tax Academy at the start of their career - it's fantastic. I was able to meet other new Graduates and BrightStarts from all over the country – we formed a tight unit and I made some great friends. We learnt all the skills needed to start our jobs whilst having lots of fun at the same time!

How would you describe your Graduate journey?

Writing this I am 5 months into my graduate journey, and I’m really enjoying life at Deloitte. My career started off very positively at the Tax Analyst Academy and it continued after that, as I began life in the Cambridge office. There is a fantastic team of people here and it’s a great environment to work in. I'm getting exposure to a large variety of industries, and work is interesting every day. I feel like I am really able to make a difference and very much look forward to what the future has to bring.

Fancy taking on the challenge of Tax? Check out our programme details here: Deloitte Careers UK


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A steep but exciting learning curve in Tax

Lucien Nzotarh wanted to make the most of his Economics degree, so he knew our graduate programme in Tax would allow him to explore all walks of economic activity whilst working with the most diligent, intelligent minds. Read his story here.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 09.43.18

 What made you pursue a career in your field, and why did you apply to Deloitte?

I knew l wanted a well-respected professional qualification after completing my economics degree from LSE. So, having the opportunity to train in tax was extremely exciting for me and seemed like a good fit. Tax touches all walks of economic activity and therefore felt like it worked well with my economics background. At Deloitte, l get to work alongside people who are some of the most diligent and creative minds, helping to support business decisions and provide solutions to complex problems. 

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

At the moment, my team and l are preparing a proposal to win compliance work for a large multinational. Being involved in the process has been really rewarding and I’ve learned a lot.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work I really enjoy staying active and keeping fit. I try to go to the gym at least three days a week. I’m also a massive Liverpool fan (don’t judge me) and I follow them very closely. 

What are the top 3 reasons for joining the Graduate programme?

1. By joining Deloitte’s Graduate programme, l got the opportunity to train towards a world class qualification which will give me a strong foundation for the future.

2. I also joined for the incredible work experience where I get exposure to clients and the business world at a very early stage. 

3. Working around intelligent and hard-working people all day is also extremely motivating and pushes me to be the best version of myself in the workplace!   

How would you describe your Graduate journey?

So far, my journey has been one of learning. The curve has been a steep one, but I’ve found the challenge to be very rewarding and engaging. 

I’ve had the fortune to meet a lot of smart and interesting people, and I’ve been lucky enough to settle in quite quickly. I’ve only been here 6 months, but it feels like I’ve been here much longer!


Want to follow in Lucien’s footsteps? Then find out about our Tax careers here:Deloitte Careers UK


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Trading the student life for a BrightStart life

After a year at university, and deciding it wasn’t for him, Humza traded his student life for a BrightStart life. He’s learned lots from working on big projects, diverse clients, and talented, experienced colleagues. Let’s read his story.

Humza Majid7518

Why did you apply to Deloitte?

I studied Management with IT at the University of Reading for one year, before opting out to join the Cyber Risk BrightStart scheme in 2017. I wanted to be part of a successful consulting firm, so I chose Deloitte as they’re one of the big four.

What made you pursue a career in your field?

I’ve always had an interest in IT, with a big passion for security, so I chose to go into Cyber. I believe it should be at the forefront of each organisation’s mind, and I wanted to be a part of this journey.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

The amount of support you receive from your colleagues. Regardless of how busy their schedule is, they always find time for you. Also, love that no two days are the same, and this always keeps you interested and keen to find out what is next.

What are your interests outside of work?

I love cricket, I play regardless of what time of year it is. I’ve actually won a number of major trophies, and have had successful seasons as the captain of my team.  

What are the top 3 reasons for joining the apprenticeship programme?

By joining Deloitte’s BrightStart programme l got the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain qualifications alongside earning money. Also, it is an opportunity to get valuable insights into the business world, while working on real projects with real clients.

How would you describe your apprenticeship?

During my BrightStart journey l got to work with and learn from some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. The programme gave me the chance to experience different cultures and local business practices, working with colleagues and clients from around the world. The amount of exposure I’ve gained is something that I would have never imagined when joining Deloitte.


Discover the right BrightStart apprenticeship for you and join the team: Deloitte Careers UK

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How Hayley tackles the real big projects in Real Estate


Hayley had some serious ambitions when she joined us. She made the right impression, secured her place with us, and now works on some of our biggest projects in Real Estate. In other words, she’s building an impressive career.


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Willem wanted to experience everything – so he chose Tax


Tax-graduate Willem loves to learn. It helps him keep ahead of all the ever-changing world of tax. It’s part of his life outside of work too, where he’s currently learning to speak Dutch.

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University or work? Rachel chose both with us


Technology BrightStart Rachel wanted to do more than learn, so wasn’t sure if full-time university was for her. She found a better way with us, and has never looked back.


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Choosing to make an impact

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.25.46

Sofia chose our Cyber team because she felt it could offer her work that really mattered. Now she gets to keep the technological wheels of industry turning. And when she’s not, she’s hard at work in her spinning classes.

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